This is the Middle Class voice. A new kind of newspaper online covering middle class america and the huge gap leaving behind between the rich class and the poor.

It is an open invitation to do more than just ink about the shrinking middle class and the increasing in poverty worldwide. The U.K newspaper The Guardian report that ”

Congress and the budget: holding middle-class America hostage

A new report suggests that lower- and middle-income Americans will pay a high and specific price for congressional inaction”, this noted that someone else is busy trying to bring about the frustrations of millions   of middle class americans with the government approach to resolve the decline of the middle class, and the increase in poverty.

 In the report, the CBO suggests that the country faces a specific cost for Congressional inaction. If Congress continues to delay decisions on spending or taxes, it would cause the economy to lose ground and make next year’s budget an even larger task, according to the CBO’s analysis. Yet, moving quickly could also weaken the economy further, as consumers would have trouble adjusting to even more cuts or tax increases.

Everything effect the middle class, from economics to war and peace. The middle class suffer the most with all the decisions made by any government institution. Awareness is the first step forward to educate everyone about the need to participate in all the decisions made by all the goverment


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