Government Shutdown..Countdown Monday..

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Washington DC

Washington DC (Photo credit: Kathleen Tyler Conklin)


Insignia of Washington Headquarters Services

Insignia of Washington Headquarters Services (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The shutdown: Agency by agency

Masuma Ahuja and Darla Cameron

GRAPHIC | A shutdown at midnight Monday would potentially jeopardize the paychecks of more than 800,000 federal workers. Here’s what some agencies have said about their plans……Source: Washington Post..

The federal government does not stop functioning completely, and by law, certain agencies must operate with unsalaried employees. They include those that deal with national security and the safety of people and property, as well as those that manage benefits such as Social Security payments. Here’s what some agencies have said about their plans this time around.

Federal courts

Overall impact

According to Judge John D. Bates, Director of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Federal Courts could continue to operate for approximately two weeks with reserve funds.

Impact on workers

After reserve funds are depleted, only essential employees would continue to work. Each court would have flexibility in determining which employees are essential other than judges, who will work.

Department of Defense


Overall impact

The Defense Department would continue to conduct military operations and training exercises.

Impact on workers

All 1.4 million active-duty uniformed military personnel would stay on the job. As for the roughly 800,000 civilian employees, the Pentagon has not yet determined how many would be classified as essential. The most recent time a shutdown loomed, in 2011, about half of the civilians were deemed essential.

All active-duty members are paid on the first and 15th of every month. In the event of a shutdown, they would be paid Oct. 1 for the previous two weeks of work, but the following paycheck would be at risk for delay if the government closure is prolonged.

Department of Education


Overall impact

Most public schools would not feel immediate impacts, because they have already received some of their federal funding for the school year and because they are funded mainly by state and local governments.

Impact on workers

More than 90 percent of the approximately 4,600 full and part-time workers would probably be furloughed if department adhered to past shutdown plans.

Public schools that operate on Indian reservations and military basesare heavily dependent on federal dollars and could be affected during a shutdown. Head Start is entirely reliant on federal dollars, and many sites would have trouble operating amid a shutdown. Funding for guaranteed student loans and Pell Grants would continue regardless of a shutdown, but payments could be delayed.

Here’s what some agencies have said about their plans this time around.

We will add more information as it is available. source from :the Washington Post

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